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Friday, 26 July 2019

The banded demoiselle

The banded demoiselle (Calopteryx splendens) is a species of damselfly belonging to the family Calopterygidae. It is often found along slow-flowing streams and rivers. It is a Eurasian species occurring from the Atlantic coast eastwards to Lake Baikal and northwestern China.
This is a common species throughout much of its range.
This is a large damselfly with a total length of up to 48 millimetres (1.9 in) and a hindwing length of up to 36 millimetres (1.4 in).
This species lives in many types of freshwater habitat, particularly open running water bodies such as streams and smaller rivers.
Males are usually territorial, but large numbers can sometimes be found in lush bankside plants and on floating objects. They court females by opening their wings and performing an aerial dance. They are usually found in canals and quiet rivers with muddy bottoms located in open country.

(latin: calopteryx splendens)

Friday, 26 July 2019
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